Our curriculum is centered around the principle that children learn best through active participation within their environment. We believe children are self motivated to learn when presented with an environment rich with possibilities.  We believe that children guide their learning from emerging ideas that are tested in the classrooms directed by educated, experienced, creative teachers.

We believe that children develop at their own unique pace and that there are different components of development in each child. These components include development in the areas of gross/fine motor skills, language skills, social/emotional skills, cognitive/academic skills, play/adaptive skills, and executive function skills. 

Our curriculum is designed to support the growth in each area by inviting students to participate in environments that challenge them to think about the world around them.   

Our students are assessed on an on-going basis and teachers conference with parents three times a year.  We work closely with the Irvine Unified School District to assure our families that their children will have the skill sets needed to succeed in Kindergarten.

Our outdoor curriculum extends the learning from the classroom.  During their time on the yards, children will have the opportunity to explore the natural world.  Children are given the responsibility of caring for our garden along with the creatures that inhabit it.  They can challenge their bodies and minds by conquering fears in a safe environment through climbing, jumping, swinging, and maneuvering bikes on the yard. Children create masterpieces in our art center while exploring various art mediums.  They can invent new ways to re-create everyday items such as binoculars, telescopes, paper airplanes, kites, masks and crowns. 

Our art center is open throughout the day for your child's explorations.